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    Kerry Duck

    Posted on 11/30/16
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    My name is Kerry Duck and I am a PhD student in Educational
    Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado. I am actively
    recruiting participants for a research project (short description
    below). The main criteria to be in this study are as follows: 1) You are
    a current K-12 teacher and 2) You currently teach (or have taught)
    mathematics. The primary purpose of this survey is to examine
    different factors for individuals teaching mathematics in K-12
    settings. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
    After completing the online survey, you will be provided a separate
    link to enter contact info for a drawing (One of ten $5 Starbuck gift
    cards). The drawing for the gift cards will occur the last week of
    January 2017. Your name will not be associated with your survey
    responses in any way as you will be assigned a unique ID number as
    soon as you click on the link for the survey. Your contact information
    will be collected separately and will ONLY be used for the drawing.
    There is further information on the first page of the questionnaire
    outlining the study. If you have questions before taking the survey,
    feel free to contact me.

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