Re: Which Norther CA school districts need substitutes the most?
    Posted by: sped norcal on 3/12/17
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    Social science is one of the most glutted fields in
    teaching. Even in California's oft reported shortage,
    there are plenty of fully certified teachers for every
    opening. Maybe there would be a chance to get an intern
    slot at a low paying charter school or a very bad district
    like Oakland, but even then, you are facing stiff
    competition. That said, the Bay Area is getting so
    expensive that you may find some need for even social
    studies interns the closer you get to SF. It is hard to
    live on an intern's salary in SF, unless you have a highly
    paid spouse or live with family, but that is why there is a

    There are German teachers out there but very few in CA. If
    a high school offers German, then it likely has one or two
    teachers and those are very few and far between. To my
    knowledge, there is not a significant population of German
    speaking youth that requires bilingual education. The few
    Germans that immigrate to California already speak English
    and any that don't will go into the general EL program.

    Russian... no. Maybe there is a school out there in a
    community of Russian immigrants somewhere in California
    that requires a bilingual teacher. That would be a small
    niche that you would have to research, but if you did find
    it, then you may be able to get the job as an intern
    because there will be very little competition.

    The subjects that have high demand, for interns and fully
    credentialed, are: math, science; special education, and
    bilingual Spanish. In Northern California, there are some
    areas, like in the Bay Area, that have a healthy need for
    bilingual teachers of Chinese, Korean, and other Asian

    On 3/11/17, Which subjects most in demand? wrote:
    > Thank you, all! Very helpful. If you happen to have the
    > chance to comment, was wondering which subjects are most
    > in demand for intern teachers and permanent teachers, in
    > the event I stay in teaching long term. I'm actually
    > licensed as a lawyer in CA and may return to lawyering,
    > but in any case should be able to handle social science
    > and related classes as a teacher. Also, English is my
    > native language but I am fluent in Russian and German and
    > would be interested in teaching either or both of those
    > too. If you could shed any light on the most in-demand
    > subjects, that would be a big help. Thanks! Jim
    > On 2/12/17, DM wrote:
    >> Stockton Unified and Lodi Unified need subs....
    >> On 1/28/17, Northern CA is HUGE wrote:
    >>> Crazy expensive but SFUSD has a need. Northern
    >>> California is HUGE. Where in NorCal will you be?
    >>> On 1/26/17, sped wrote:
    >>>> On 1/17/17, Jim Welles wrote:
    >>>>> Dear forum members,
    >>>>> I am planning to work as a substitute teacher for a
    >>>> period
    >>>>> of time and was hoping someone could let me know
    >>>>> districts in northern California generally have a
    >>>>> demand for substitute teachers. I have flexibility as
    >>>>> to where I can move to be closer to the schools that
    >>>>> have
    >>>> the
    >>>>> most demand.
    >>>>> Many thanks in advance for any available info. Jim
    >>>> I don't really understand someone moving states to be
    >>>> sub, particularly Northern California, which is not
    >>>> cheap...
    >>>> The entire Bay Area is hurting for subs but it is the
    >>>> most expensive place to live in the US. Sacramento
    >>>> also has healthy demand and somewhat cheaper cost of
    >>>> living.
    >>>> Those are the areas I am familiar with personally, but
    >>>> I have heard that the entire state has a shortage of
    >>>> subs, largely because we have a shortage of teachers.
    >>>> Anyone willing to work regularly as a sub could also
    >>>> get a job as an intern teacher and work towards
    >>>> certification for better, but admittedly not good,

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