Posted by: Alta Rose on 7/19/15
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    You bet, Sue! Here's my email:

    I am going to create a post with the details.

    On 7/14/15, Sue wrote:
    > I am wondering if there is a Canadian Post Card Exchange set
    > for the 2015/2016 school year? If so who can we contact?
    > Thanks for any assistance.
    > Sue M
    > On 9/16/14, Sue wrote:
    >> Good Morning,
    >> Just wondering if this program is still open?
    >> Thanks
    >> Sue
    >> On 7/09/14, Alta Rose wrote:
    >>> Hello everyone!
    >>> Are you interested in being part of the Canadian postcard
    >>> exchange for the 2014 / 15 school year? Here's how it
    >>> works:
    >>> You send me an email with the following information:
    >>> The way you want your postcards' addressed (ie. Mrs.
    >>> Class)
    >>> Your school address
    >>> The email address that you would like me to use, if it is
    >>> different from the one you are currently using.
    >>> As soon as I get that, I will respond with an email that
    >>> says you're on the list. Now, you have all kinds of time to
    >>> change your mind: Right up until the long weekend in
    >>> September, actually. Many teachers need a day or two at
    >>> end of August / Beginning of September to check with their
    >>> administration to see if they can get the funds required
    >>> for postcards and stamps.
    >>> During the September long weekend, I will send an email to
    >>> everyone, assigning you the week to send out your
    >>> postcards. You send one postcard, with info about your
    >>> community, to each of the participating classes. (There are
    >>> usually about 40-50.) I will go first, and if you have a
    >>> specific month that you'd like to send yours out, just
    >>> specify it. Most teachers write their messages with the
    >>> help of their students, or have individual students write
    >>> them.
    >>> That's pretty well it! Depending on the number of
    >>> participants, we usually get 1-2 postcards per week.
    >>> This really is a great way to teach about different
    >>> Canadian communities. The kids love to get the postcards!
    >>> play a little game with my students. I tell them the name
    >>> of the community and they see if they can guess which
    >>> province it comes from. It's a great way to teach the names
    >>> of the provinces!
    >>> So, if you're interested, please send me the info in the
    >>> format below. (It's an easy copy and paste.)
    >>> Mrs. Smith's class, Public Elementary School,
    >>> 1234 Main Street.
    >>> Wonderful Community, AB
    >>> (Just include your email
    >>> you want me to use one that is different from the one you
    >>> are using to email me.)
    >>> My email is
    >>> When you email me, make sure
    >>> you put Postcard Exchange in the subject line, or I will
    >>> send it to junk. I will always respond to the email to
    >>> confirm that I received it. If you donít hear from me
    >>> within a week, please send me another email.

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