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    Posted by: Abery on 10/21/15
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    On 10/19/15, Cathi wrote:
    > On 10/18/15, Krystel wrote:
    >> I'm a new teacher and currently teaching grade 6/7 2 days
    > week.
    >> I am really struggling because I haven't had a chance to
    > get myself organized.
    >> Math is a nightmare for me. I did my practicum in K/1, and
    > now I'm teaching
    >> Math which is completely different than when I was a kid
    > these grades!
    >> Does anyone have any tips on how to teach the 2 different
    > curriculums at the
    >> same time? It's such a juggling act assigning the 7's some
    > work to do while I
    >> teach the grade 6's, then jumping back to the grade 7's,
    > and then having kids
    >> come up to me asking for help constantly.
    >> Also, are there any places for teachers to swap/share unit
    > plans? I am DYING for
    >> someone to share some plans with me. I'm desperate. I
    > keep working 13
    >> hour days. It's killing me.
    >> Please help.
    > There is a combined Grade 6/7 guide that may help. Email
    > me at and I will send you my
    > outlines that I have used and the math teachers are
    > using.

    I have found Dr. Marian Small's books to be very helpful with
    Minds On activities. Realistically, you probably have
    students anywhere from grade 4/5 to grade 8 so her activities
    are great for differentiating.

    Also really look at the strands you are teaching side by side
    to see where the grade levels differ.

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