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    Posted by: Astrid on 10/27/16
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    Spaces, no commas.


    On 9/16/16, Tim / STW wrote:
    > I own a site that publishes teaching resources, including
    > ny math worksheets, for elementary teachers.
    > We've had many requests to "translate" our worksheets
    into C
    > anadian-English. For example: If our instructions say,
    > lor the odd numbers blue" - our Canadian customers
    want an a
    > lternate version available that says "Colour the odd
    > blue." We've been going through our site, and making
    > ian spelling changes as-needed. (Common words have
    > d colour-color; favourite-favorite; meter-metre; litre-liter
    > ; and so on.)
    > My question is this: How do you format large numbers in
    > mentary schools?
    > Do you write them like this:
    > 567 123 132 ?
    > Or like this:
    > 567,123,132 ?
    > I have seen it both ways online, but mostly with commas.
    > have an older Canadian math textbook (Math Makes
    Sense - 6th
    > grade) that uses the spaces.
    > So can you help me out? Commas or no commas?
    > Also - are there any other Canadian-specific math words
    > we should be aware of that we may have missed?
    > Thank you.

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