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    Posted by: Harpazo on 2/09/17
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    On 1/22/17, Karen wrote:
    > On 1/15/17, Harpazo wrote:
    >> I left the sub job after 8 years in
    >> 2008. I want to know what is new in
    >> NYC public schools in terms of
    subbing? My
    >> public school subbing journey was
    >> frightening, to say the least.
    >> I did not like the way subs were
    >> not only by the kids but also by the
    >> office staff and regular teachers. I
    >> that subs were not accepted as equal
    >> the teaching staff. I was more like a
    >> baby-sitter in the eyes of the DOE and
    >> district offices across the city. So,
    >> anything changed in terms of subbing?
    > You are actually required to TEACH as a
    sub- no more
    > "babysitting." I enjoyed subbing for
    the DOE. Times have
    > certainly changed since you left.
    Additionally, you are
    > required to have a principal (ANY doe
    principal in any
    > grade) to nominate you to become a sub.
    Don't worry if
    > you don't know a principal, simply send
    out your resume
    > because many schools need subs and
    would rather pay
    > for a sub than a full time teacher.
    Good Luck and don't let
    > your past experiences taint possible
    new experiences. As
    > a sub these day, you'll learn a lot!


    What are the steps needed to become a sub
    again? Do I need to apply with the DOE as
    step one? Do I apply in person or online?

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