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    Posted by: Lisa on 1/17/17
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    On 1/15/17, Marie wrote:
    > On 1/15/17, Lisa wrote:
    >> I am applying from California for my NY teaching
    > credential, grades 1-6. It
    >> is difficult to navigate the process with minimal support
    > since I am living so
    >> far away. I have taken the EAS test, and will take the
    > ALST next month. My
    >> question is for the CSTs. I know I need to take the Multi-
    > Subject Teachers
    >> of Childhood test, but is this one test, two, or three? I ask
    > because when I
    >> go to register on Pearson, it has "part one" as an option
    > and "part 2" but
    >> won't let me register for both at the same time. I am
    > confused!
    > The CST is three separate tests. One test is Math, one
    > test is English/Language Arts, and one test is a combo of
    > Health, Science, History and I think Performing Arts. I took
    > each test separately about two weeks apart. The Math was
    > the hardest in my opinion.

    That helps, thank you! :) Also, if I passed the PACT in
    California (1 of 4 TPA choices, one of which is the edTPA) will
    that be sufficient? Anyone have success with this? I can't see
    why NY would have me redo the TPA my first year, if the
    California one is virtually the same (video component, 60 plus
    page paper, lesson planning, etc), it's just a different type of
    performance assessment.

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