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    Posted by: RE on 6/13/14
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    I graduated 10 years or so ago. I was an in-house substitute
    at a pittsburgh public school for one year and a regular sub
    for the pittsburgh public schools the next year. After that,
    i left teaching.

    Seeing as i never took more credits towards my Act 48, I had
    always assumed that my certification had lapsed. I may have
    got something in the mail. I don't know. I wasn't concerned
    as i never thought i'd be looking to get back into teaching
    so, if i got something in the mail, it was probabaly thrown
    out. Well, i am interested in getting back into it.

    Anyway, i had assumed that my certification had lapsed, but
    i just read this on a website,

    "Level I certificates are valid for years of service, not
    chronological years. If you stopped working or never worked
    on your Level I and therefore never used the six years
    designated service years, your certificate is still valid."

    Since i only taught for two years, does that mean that i'm
    still certified?

    Am i confusing being certified teacher and Act 48? I should
    know more about this, but i'm assuming they are the same

    If everything has lapsed and i am officially inactive, what
    would i have to do to get re-certified?

    Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you

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