Re: Pension transfer from PA go down south??
    Posted by: Stay away North Carolina!!! on 7/10/15
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    North Carolina has be come one of the worst states in the US
    to teach. The pay is low, the benefits are awful and they are
    getting worse all the time. They just cut health insurance
    for retirees. VA, is okay, many teachers live in NC but
    teacher in VA.. Georgia can be good depending on where you
    live. They are both way better then North Carolina. Be
    careful moving to the south.. It's not like up north.

    They will not give you your years of service towards your
    pension. A 16th year teacher in North Carolina makes about
    40,000.. 70/30 Heath insurance, no vision no dental. 9,000
    dollars for life insurance. You pay towards your pension and
    this is not the cheapest southern state to live in. If you
    have children you will be paying around $400 a check for them.
    Good luck

    > I've taught a a Pittsburgh public school for 15 years. My
    fiancÚ and I want
    > to interview down south possibly in North Carolina or
    Virginia or georgia. I
    > thought by making a move Id lose my whole pension. But the
    head our
    > union told me that it is transferable to some stAtes. Does
    anyone know
    > which states pennsylvania transfers to?

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