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    Posted by: depends on 4/15/16
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    On 4/14/16, anon wrote:
    > Hello. I apologize if this question has been asked before.
    > I am an out-of-state teacher looking to move to PA. I have
    > obtained my PA license.
    > I have heard from teacher friends in PA that most districts
    > only grant 1-2 steps to out-of-state teachers, no matter
    > their experience.
    > My question is: is this negotiable?
    > I know multiple teachers in my state who negotiated higher
    > step placements at hiring.
    > I'm just looking to begin teaching in PA at step 6 or 7,
    > since I have 6 years of experience.
    > Thanks for your help.

    Some of this will depend upon how much they want you. It is
    possible if the district doesn't have a specific policy in
    place to prevent hired farther up the salary scale. How much
    they want you might depend upon exactly what you can teach and
    whether it is a 'shortage' field in PA. If they have a great
    need for field X and a lot of applicants for field Y, then it
    is more likely that the hire for field X will have more
    leverage and ability to negotiate a higher step than the hire
    for field Y.

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