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    Posted by: Anonymous on 12/28/16
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    Is this your first year? You are little stuck, but not really.
    Take the Core 4-8 to give yourself some leverage and look
    at other positions/districts. If you haven't already done a
    CORE or GENERALIST exam, this is your way to expand out
    of your debaffle. I would take both EC-6 and 4-8 COREl
    Don't be dumb and bail now. It's like any other job. Don't
    stain your resume. Study now if your are on a probationary.
    TEA will not let you test outside of the PPR in that time. Get
    the stuff done and be ready for your new tests now!

    If this is your first year and you are on a probationary
    certificate, FINISH YOUR CRAP and don't ex
    9/27/16, Denise wrote:
    > On 9/26/16, Sippi wrote:
    >> As a Sped Inclusion teacher I'm always pulled to cover
    >> classes. Do I have any rights in this situation? Do I
    >> it and leave it alone? I rarely get to work with my
    >> because I'm pulled so often. I've tried complaining, but I
    >> was told its something that won't change.
    > Your students on IEP's have service time minutes are
    > being met if not play that card..

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