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    Linda Done

    Posted on 11/15/14
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    I work in a FE college setting and I am struck by the
    diversity of roles amongst the tutors of different
    subjects/levels and groups. I would like to write an
    article on the role of teacher/tutor in 2014.
    I would like to collect some data from a wide range of
    professionals over the next few months. Please feel free
    to pass this post on to colleagues. No names will be
    mentioned. Participants can be anonymous.
    Consider the following questions:
    What and where do you teach?
    How many students in a class and what age?
    How many hours a week contact time?
    How much time do you spend on pastoral care for your
    How much time do you spend on administrative data inc
    How much time do you spend on extra curric. eg parents
    evenings/events etc?
    How much time on planning?
    How many hours a week are you paid for?
    How many hours a week do you actually do? (average)
    How many holidays a year can you take?
    Are they restricted to out of term time?
    What is your salary scale?
    The best and worst parts of the job are?

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