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    Ian Durrant

    Posted on 5/09/15
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    I am a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church Universit
    y and conducting doctoral research into workplace aggression
    and bullying in the public sector. I would like to hear tea
    chers who have experienced workplace bullying. This could be
    as a victim of aggression/bullying, witnessed aggression/bu
    llying or may even have engaged in behaviours which others m
    ight construe as aggression or bullying.
    I am seeking to hear from those at all levels of an organisa
    tion, teachers and managers. I would like to hear from both
    those who have experienced bulling or have been accused of b
    In this initial stage of the research, I am seeking to inter
    view volunteers and to collate their experiences.
    These interviews will remain confidential; nothing will be r
    eported that will allow an individual or their workplace to
    be identified.
    The interviews will be conducted at either a mutually conven
    ient location or over the phone/via skype.
    If you are interested in participating please contact me via
    my details below or message me on Facebook (workplace bully
    ing: a research study). Alternatively click the link below
    to register your willingness to participate.
    If you would like to know more before deciding, please do no
    t hesitate to contact me, either by messaging me on Facebook
    or emailing/phoning me directly. Thank you for your time.

    Ian Durrant

    Workplace Bullying a research study

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