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    Lydia Grant

    Posted on 8/27/15
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    Hi all,

    My name's Lydia - I am a Psychology undergraduate and am
    running a mindfulness-based programme for teachers next
    month, as part of my dissertation. It's called the Positive
    Mindfulness Programme (PMP) and it was developed by my
    supervisor, Itai Ivztan. As teachers, I would love if you
    could all take part!

    Here is a quick brief:

    - It's a 4.5 week online programme focusing on 8 positive
    aspects of psychology (e.g. self-awareness, self-compassion,
    positive emotions) using mindfulness.

    - Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present,
    non-judgementally and intentionally; it is increasingly
    being practiced in schools such as UCL Academy and Hampton

    -The PMP is very practical and known to have a positive
    impact; it aims to increase levels of wellbeing.

    - Commitment: the main commitment takes about 12 minutes a
    day by listening to a topic-related audio file which
    includes a daily meditation and a practical daily activity.
    There is also a short video that summarises the scientific,
    theoretical basis of the topic. You will be asked to
    complete online questionnaires before and after the
    programme to help with the research.

    - Last but not least, all is confidential and data is

    I have also attached an invitation letter which provides
    further detail. I hope after reading more about the project,
    you would like to participate and also, get a few teachers
    to participate with you!

    If you would like to take part, please post here or email me

    I am sending the questionnaires between 7th-14th September,
    with the actual running of the programme beginning on 21st

    Thanks for your time.



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