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    Posted by: J Butlin on 10/25/16
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    On 10/23/16, John wrote:
    > Hello,
    > My name is John, and I am a teacher and school
    > administrator in the United States. I am working on my
    > doctorate in education, and my professor has assigned a
    > project to compare education systems in the U.S. with
    > those in Great Britain.
    > I am trying to gather feedback regarding the following
    > topics from teachers in Britain.
    > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    > Teaching Strategies - current trends
    > Teacher Professional Development Programs
    > Teaching Licensure Requirements
    Hi John - I don't know if this article is any use to you:

    I work at an infant and a junior school in Milton Keynes,
    I'm not a teacher but an IT technician. The education
    system in the UK is in an almost constant state of flux (in
    my opinion) while successive Education ministers try to put
    their stamp on education in the UK.

    Here is the link for the Department of Education's own
    website, you may find some of your answers there:

    BBC News - how the national curriculum is changing in England

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