Re: SFUSD district office?
    Posted by: should I go for it on 12/30/16
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    Thx for the response. It's a staff district position
    and I wouldn't spend much time in the classroom.

    On 12/30/16, sped wrote:
    > First: All district offices are political. Remember
    > Superintendents are literally political appointees.
    > Second: I've not workd for SFUSD, but I've known
    people who
    > have. Their pay could be better for teachers in the
    > expensive Bay Area, but besides that, they're
    actually not
    > bad for a big city school district.
    > Are you going to be a teacher working at the
    district office,
    > admin, or some other position? In any case, these
    jobs are
    > usually more "political" because they are close to
    the big
    > wigs who make the politics, and you don't have the
    luxury of
    > retreating to your classroom.

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