Re: SFUSD district office?
    Posted by: administrator on 2/06/17
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    On 1/12/17, Cal-Kid wrote:
    > On 12/19/16, should I go for it wrote:
    >> I am interviewing for a position in the district office of
    >> SFUSD. Is that district a good place to work? Or is it
    >> political and I should avoid it? What are your thoughts on
    >> SFUSD?
    > Go for it. These opportunities do not present themselves all
    > that often. It will be a whole new ball game for you. I had a
    > out of classroom work experience position that lasted for one
    > year. We did job development and placement. You can always
    > return to the classroom later as there is always a need for
    > classroom teachers.
    > Good luck with your new job!

    This is also a good way to transition into an administrative
    career if you want it. Many times some district office, non-
    classroom experience looks good on an administrator's resume.

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