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    Posted by: depends on 3/19/17
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    On 3/10/17, special ed teacher wrote:
    > I am coming from out of state. I have my Mild/Moderate
    > ntial but don't have the EL authorization. I am going to
    > e the tests in May, but I'm not sure I will pass them all
    > the first attempt. The next testing offering isn't until
    > fter school starts and I want to find a job. It seems
    > all job postings in So Cal require the EL.
    > Has anyone gotten a sped job without the EL
    > It is very rare out of state to require EL certification
    > everyone, so my guess is that most out of state teachers
    > n't have it. I have heard there is a sped teacher
    > but I want to know if I have a chance without the EL

    You will be required to get it within a timeframe set by
    the district, and most likely will need to be actively
    "working towards" it during that time (i.e., taking tests
    each time they are offered, and/or possibly taking
    coursework or attending PD sessions - they may also require
    that you have passed some of the test sections, i.e., pass
    at least one section each time you take it) but yes, it's
    possible. Definitely you will stay probationary until you
    have it. Depending on school demographics and caseload size
    (and how desperately they need sped teachers) they may also
    be able to assign you a caseload that does not include EL
    students during the time you are working on the
    I suspect it depends on how much of a shortage they have
    for sped applicants. If they have other applicants who
    already have EL authorization and also their mild/mod
    credential, it will put you at a disadvantage. But yes,
    it's possible without it.

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