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    Posted by: sped on 3/20/17
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    OK, the timeframe is fine with me. I want to get it done in
    May, but I've never taken 3 tests in one sitting, so I am
    trying to plan ahead in case I fail one or two of the tests.
    My guess is that I will have it done well before the end of
    next school year.

    On 3/19/17, depends wrote:
    > On 3/10/17, special ed teacher wrote:
    >> I am coming from out of state. I have my Mild/Moderate
    > crede
    >> ntial but don't have the EL authorization. I am going to
    > tak
    >> e the tests in May, but I'm not sure I will pass them all
    > on
    >> the first attempt. The next testing offering isn't until
    > a
    >> fter school starts and I want to find a job. It seems
    > like
    >> all job postings in So Cal require the EL.
    >> Has anyone gotten a sped job without the EL
    > authorization?
    >> It is very rare out of state to require EL certification
    > for
    >> everyone, so my guess is that most out of state teachers
    > do
    >> n't have it. I have heard there is a sped teacher
    > shortage,
    >> but I want to know if I have a chance without the EL
    > auth.
    > You will be required to get it within a timeframe set by
    > the district, and most likely will need to be actively
    > "working towards" it during that time (i.e., taking tests
    > each time they are offered, and/or possibly taking
    > coursework or attending PD sessions - they may also require
    > that you have passed some of the test sections, i.e., pass
    > at least one section each time you take it) but yes, it's
    > possible. Definitely you will stay probationary until you
    > have it. Depending on school demographics and caseload size
    > (and how desperately they need sped teachers) they may also
    > be able to assign you a caseload that does not include EL
    > students during the time you are working on the
    > authorization.
    > I suspect it depends on how much of a shortage they have
    > for sped applicants. If they have other applicants who
    > already have EL authorization and also their mild/mod
    > credential, it will put you at a disadvantage. But yes,
    > it's possible without it.

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