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    Posted on 8/05/15
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    I am an American, male, certified in my state in elementary ed (K-5),
    special ed general curriculum (moderate disability, k-12), and Spanish (k-
    12) The licensing requirements seem to be pretty straight forward for
    Americans based on the appropriate agencies for several provinces, but I
    do have a few questions with which I hope you could help.

    I know the teaching market in most provinces is pretty saturated. My
    ultimate plan is to pursue graduate studies in Canada, both to further my
    education and because it makes immigration easier. Is it possible to earn
    additional qualification areas on a Canadian teaching certificate via a
    masters program? If so, what are some high needs areas in Canada that
    can be pursued at a masters level for the intention of adding an additional
    field to a teaching cert?

    I speak French, because I used to live in France. I know that
    bilingual/French language education is much more needed than English-
    language. However, I don't have any formal qualifications and I can't see
    if simply being bilingual with a certificate is enough to qualify for those
    jobs. Is it necessary to have some sort of certification or endorsement to
    seek them?

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