Post: When experience is starting to challenge your worldview?
    Posted by: Caitlin on 3/24/17
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    I'm 24, originally from Texas, went to the northeast for college at Vassar,
    and am now back in Texas teaching 10th and 12th grade English and
    coaching tennis (I played tennis in college).

    I was really worried about classroom discipline given my young age, the
    fact that I went to an all girls college, that I'm soft spoken, etc. So I
    gave it a LOT of thought and a lot of planning, and I've been shocked,
    overall, at how well I've been able to control and manage a classroom.
    For my "regular" classes anyway, the ones I was most worried about.

    The problem, ironically enough, is my honors class. Filled with honors
    students, predominately girls, and students who don't seem to get in
    trouble in ANY of their other classes. Yet they walk all over me.
    Constant disruptions and, honestly, bad teaching/learning environment
    because of it.

    Over the course of the year, I've tried mixing up my approach. I went
    from the nice but firm, to the super firm, to the super laid back cool
    young one. None of the approaches worked. I've tried rewards to
    encourage, I've tried detention, I've tried ISS. I've done a few office
    referrals, but there is a stigma on those in my school, especially for new
    teachers, like you can't handle it yourself, and I can't rely just on that.

    I really am at a loss for what to do. One of my tennis players said that
    she thinks the only thing different is that I'm one of the few teachers
    who doesn't utilize corporal punishment (which is fairly common at my
    school). Its hard for me to imagine that is what is causing such a big
    change of behavior, when this is the class with the best students,
    students who aren't getting in trouble in other classes..... I'm not
    necessarily anti-spanking, and I in fact got pops in 11th grade at this
    very school, but I just tend to think corporal punishment decisions are
    better made by the parents, not in school. So I resolved to not give

    Meanwhile, I've been able to maintain classroom order jsut fine in my
    other classes (including with some tough students) without using pops.
    Its hard to imagine that my honors class is the place I need to start
    applying them.

    I really don't want to go against my decision to not use them, but I have
    tried everything else, and my student/player isnt wrong when she points
    out its really the only thing that makes me different from other teachers,
    and the only thing I haven't really tried.


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