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    Posted by: smartinez on 2/05/16
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    On 6/10/15, jme wrote:
    > Just wondering, why wouldn't it be legal?
    > Feel free to contact me. I would love to speak with you
    regarding additional opportunities in your area.

    Ryan 484-383-1871
    > 10/15, Anonymous wrote:
    >> I am a teacher at a charter school and they will have us
    > sig
    >> n the new contract
    > in a matter of a week or two. My concern
    >> is that a lot of schools hire in the summer. I do not want
    >> to come back, and am actively looking for another
    > position.
    >> However, the contract with my school says that if I break
    > my
    >> contract and do not give them at least 60 DAYS notice, I
    > wi
    >> ll have to pay them $1500. Is that legal? I don't
    > understand
    >> how I am obligated to pay them money. It says in the
    > contra
    >> ct to cover sub costs. I am really concerned about this
    > and
    >> want to know if this is even legal. Thank you.

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