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    Posted by: jm on 2/05/16
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    This happened to many teachers in AZ who tried to move on with 2 weeks
    notice. Admin would refer to contracts and makevague threats about fines or
    loss of teaching license if they tried to move on. Called DOE when this
    happened and was told not to worry. Then called a lawyer and he told me
    also that these were meaningless threats. Hope you moved to a better

    On 2/05/16, smartinez wrote:
    > On 6/10/15, jme wrote:
    >> Just wondering, why wouldn't it be legal?
    >> Feel free to contact me. I would love to speak with you
    > regarding additional opportunities in your area.
    > Ryan 484-383-1871
    >> 10/15, Anonymous wrote:
    >>> I am a teacher at a charter school and they will have us
    >> sig
    >>> n the new contract
    >> in a matter of a week or two. My concern
    >>> is that a lot of schools hire in the summer. I do not want
    >>> to come back, and am actively looking for another
    >> position.
    >>> However, the contract with my school says that if I break
    >> my
    >>> contract and do not give them at least 60 DAYS notice, I
    >> wi
    >>> ll have to pay them $1500. Is that legal? I don't
    >> understand
    >>> how I am obligated to pay them money. It says in the
    >> contra
    >>> ct to cover sub costs. I am really concerned about this
    >> and
    >>> want to know if this is even legal. Thank you.

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