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    Posted by: blah on 2/06/16
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    It is probably legal for them to include a penalty for breaking the
    contract. After all, the contract exists for a reason. Think about
    an apartment lease contract: most likely it involves a penalty for
    breaking the contract. This is much the same logic.

    Remember, you aren't an "at will" employee. Many other jobs are not
    contract based employment. So, you can simply stop coming with no
    issue. The standard is to provide 2-weeks or more notice, but you
    can simply stop showing up. Also, they can simply fire you with no
    reason and no notice. This is not the case with teaching. You sign
    a contract and they can't just fire you in the middle of the
    contract without good cause (a much higher standard than
    non-contract jobs), and you can't stop showing up. If either of
    these situations happen, the party that breaks the contract can face
    consequences. Technically, anyone who breaks an employment contract
    could be sued for damages which would likely be much higher than $1500.

    Now, you don't have to sign the contract. You aren't required to.
    Then, you just go on your merry way.

    >>> 10/15, Anonymous wrote:
    >>>> I am a teacher at a charter school and they will have us
    >>> sig
    >>>> n the new contract
    >>> in a matter of a week or two. My concern
    >>>> is that a lot of schools hire in the summer. I do not want
    >>>> to come back, and am actively looking for another
    >>> position.
    >>>> However, the contract with my school says that if I break
    >>> my
    >>>> contract and do not give them at least 60 DAYS notice, I
    >>> wi
    >>>> ll have to pay them $1500. Is that legal? I don't
    >>> understand
    >>>> how I am obligated to pay them money. It says in the
    >>> contra
    >>>> ct to cover sub costs. I am really concerned about this
    >>> and
    >>>> want to know if this is even legal. Thank you.

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