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Re: besides my book???? ha ha ha ... just kidding!

    second grade writers by stephanie parsons (Trained by Calkins)Did you ever read the first grade writers she wrote a while back?

    writer to writer by mary lee prescott-griffin fluency and craft
    in multilingual classroom (heinemann)

    is all on partners in writing - it reinforces a lot of the ideas
    I already train for what I refer to as 'purple pen partners'

    Differentiated reading instruction: Strategies for the Primary
    Grades by Sharon Walpole and Michael McKenna

    I have only read chapter two on line, just order the rest of the
    book. It looks really good. I don't know that I will buy into
    their organization. way to reading first..... but I do already
    like the ideas in chapter two. i am hoping to pull ideas from
    the book.
    this is guilford press

    I am a 'puller'

    I just received the new texts from toolkits texts for grades 2-
    3; 4-5; and 6-7. They are great to use with Harvey's original
    toolkit that had a lot of text that was too hard.

    I just orde