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I will be moving from Fort Bragg to Fort Knox. I accepted the full-time school psychologist position there. They have not had a school psychologist this school-year, so I need to go as soon as possible. This means my position should be listed soon if any of you are qualified and want to move to NC.
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With a whole list of things I have to do before I leave,but they sent me the original travel orders from last month when I was supposed to leave-- which was a month ago, I hope they fix it on Monday so I can start the process for moving. I waited for so long and things are happening so fast to leave now !!! Crazy!!!
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Niknak were in Japan are you headed? OK I'm a little curious about the passport. When I called for an update on my check some of my documents have been misplaces.... I haven't sent my passport in and I was wondering if any of you have had misplaced items and lost passports....
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Yesterday I had an interview and received a call from H.R. this morning saying that I've been selected for a stateside teaching position. I've read some postings saying that people are still waiting on the processing of their background checks. Does anyone know how long the process will take for a stateside new hire if I'm in the same state as the school? Thank you for your help!
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