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Hi All,

I'm a special education teacher who is looking for a position in DODEA. I've been looking for a very long time, I've applied and it looks like it's impossible for my application to be updated by DODEA or hear anything back! My mother in law works for DODEA, would that help me at all?
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It could mean almost anything at this point. Apparently our imminent fearless leader is not a fan of accompanied missions so I wouldn't anticipate new schools or expansion but I suppose there could be some additional new positions if the troop increases/movements are true.
I applied for the positions of assistant principals over seas. Does anyone know the best way to follow up with my application? Does anyone know if there really are positions opening up in the UK, Germany, Spain etc? Should I just randomly email principals at the different schools to touch base and introduce myself? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Are bases in Germany growing? I read something about 4,000 troops being sent to Germany. Is this temporary or could it mean an increase in enrollment at the schools?
Anyone know of any positions that are available and looking to be filled immediately?
To have ready to go after they accept a DODDS position? Passport, House on the market (if applicable)...what else? Looking to go go over seas DDESS job is likely going away next year, trying to get my ducks in a row. Also, one of my friends thaat took a job over seas in Japan said that cost him 10Gs to move there...why is that?
  • haha Having your personal passport would help a bit but you would have to apply an official passport after receiving an offer anyway (unless that's what you meant). Having a plan for property (sell, rent, leave empty etc) is also important. We got lu...See More
    (Jan 6)
Does anyone know what the restrictions are on baggage for a DODDS teacher on their first PCS? I'm flying American Airlines on orders, does that qualify for the international military luggage policy? Will I need a military ID (I don't receive my CAC until I get to the school)?
With a whole list of things I have to do before I leave,but they sent me the original travel orders from last month when I was supposed to leave-- which was a month ago, I hope they fix it on Monday so I can start the process for moving. I waited for so long and things are happening so fast to leave now !!! Crazy!!!
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