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Last Spring, I was notified by the US Government that the Chinese had my complete security file -- along with a lot of other former DoDEA employees. The use of non-governmental background investigators may be in response to this security breach. Currently, I am teaching ESL at a Beijing high school next to the China Space Command and Control Center as I improve my Chinese for any future US-China space exploration mission support roles.
Please Advise. I completed all paperwork mid-July go suggested travel date of August 9, but background check is still pending, so my Travel Orders can't be released. What could be taking so long? Thank you!
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Have any of you been faced with that dilemma????? What if you have to decline, how bad will that be for possible future job consideration?
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I am working as quickly as I can through the mountain of paperwork required to get there. I sent passport papers in, and should have medical and supporting documents in by Monday. How long will it take to get my travel orders?

Is there somewhere I can find a checklist and sequence of stages? I feel like I am moving in the dark.

Also, any recommendations about teaching materials or supplies I should take with me now? I will obviously not be there on the first day of school, its August 29.
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Someone posted the usual questions a principal asks during an interview. Does anyone recall what they were? I had the list but can't find it.
We have found a place to rent and with all the fees and deposits we need to pay about $18,000. I understand that we can request a three month advance in salary to pay for this, but are we ultimately reimbursed for these fees or is it all out of pocket for us?
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Has anyone interviewed for one of the new professional development specialist positions? I am wondering what potential questions would be asked.

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