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Re: Basic Writing Skills by Dr. Judith C. Hochman
Posted by Betty R. on 4/08/06
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    I just bought this book because so many of my colleagues use the
    sentence and outline strategies in their mini lessons. Although,
    really it is a stand alone program. I guess they have to work
    within their mandated curriculum. I loved it.
    Teacher of Writing for over 20 years,Betty

    On 4/02/06, Jay wrote:
    > I have taken a look at the BWS site and I shall have to order
    > the manual since this seems to be "all the talk" on this
    > chatboard of late! Shall share my comments once I receive it.
    > Thanks.
    > On 4/01/06, Experienced Teacher wrote:
    >> As a parent or a new teacher, use Basic Writing Skills by
    >> Hochman. Most other methods you mention are "models" and don't
    >> provide really specific examples of how to teach directly.
    >> Also, some assume kids are "natural" writers - most are not!
    >> On 3/23/06, Jay wrote:
    >>> Basic Writing Skills/Lucy Calkins/6 Traits....
    >>> I have recently started reading this chatboard and I have
    >>> come across reference to these methods. I would like to get
    >>> some feedback as to which method is more desirable or easier
    >>> to use. I am a parent of a child in grade 7.
    >>> Thanks.
    >>> Jay