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    Re: sign language sight words

    I saw your post regarding It is a nice site but the
    disk is transportable and a ONE TIME FEE for unlimited use. I do not
    sign up for monthly fee websites ever, whether they are for ASL or
    for any other use. I like the fact you buy a disk, it is yours.
    Sometimes our web server goes down at work, and I am stuck without
    my visuals. With the Clip and Create- I create it and they are
    there, I can save it and reprint it if I want to again and again
    and again, without a fee. Thanks- but no thanks.

    On 2/20/10, ASL Professor wrote:
    > Hello,
    > Have you ever considered checking out
    > If not, please do. This will save you lots of time cutting and
    > pasting. It is an amazing website that is 21st Century
    > technology. I promise you will fall in love with it the same way
    > you did with the CD Rom....
    > On 2/19/10, S.Long wrote:
    >> Just saw your post! I own 2 versions. One for my office which
    >> still uses Windows XP and I bought the version for Vista. We
    >> love it here! I use it to make flash cards for my ASL classes,
    >> and I print the signs on 8x11 paper and laminate them for our
    >> infirmary building. It reiterates the visual learning and it
    >> increases vocabulary use not only for the students, but for
    >> the nurses on staff as well. I highly suggest it! You can make
    >> it print without the written word, or with.- LOVE IT!!!
    >> On 9/20/09, Kelly wrote:
    >>> I am looking for clip art of sign language to use for sight
    >>> words. I have several good ASL dictionaries at school but
    >>> it is very time consuming to copy the words I want and then
    >>> make cards out of them. I am interested in getting a CD rom
    >>> called American Sign Language Clip and Create 4 (CD-ROM)
    >>> but I wanted an opinion from someone who has used it. Is it
    >>> worth the money? I think it might help some of my kids with
    >>> severe retention problems.
    >>> Kelly