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    Re: to el ed

    On 10/21/09, el ed wrote:
    > I taught IG(Intellectually Gifted) Enrichment to grades 2-8
    > students for 21 years. I have a masters in gifted
    I totally agree with your suggestions!!!!

    > I was very fortunate to work with an administration and
    > faculty and staff that supported gifted education. I loved
    > my kids and my job, most of the time.
    > Some things that worked for me:
    > Be a team player.
    > Ask for suggestions and ideas. Classroom teachers often
    > passed on great materials to me, saying that these might be
    > good for my class, but not for their whole classes.
    > Stay out of the teacher lounge as much as possible.
    > Try to stay out of any dramas.
    > When in ANY doubt, run projects by the powers that be. They
    > don't like surprises.
    > I loved it when my kids could come up with improvements on
    > my ideas. It never bothered me that I might be teaching
    > some students with a higher IQ than me. I had more life
    > experience and a broader range of knowledge.
    > I will always be grateful for the class that taught me the
    > basics of chess. I loved it when a student could teach me
    > and other students new things.
    > I always told a new class that if I made a mistake to please
    > let me know in a kind(respectful) way. I always thanked
    > them politely when they did so. No "Got'cha" moments for
    > This makes it "easier" to correct their mistakes.
    > My kids and I had mutual respect for each other, but they
    > always knew who was in charge. That would be me.
    > Everybody and every situation is unique.
    > These are just some suggestions of things that worked for