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Re: Words of wisdom from Dr. Prochillo
Yeah sure.

    On 7/07/07, LEE/MA wrote:
    > "I wish I could take an ice pick and pluck all those stars
    > from your eyes."Just like took an ax and chopped off the feet of our husbands
    before our eyes.

    Children are brilliant; adults ruin them.
    > I can assure you, I was upset and angry when he made this
    > statement. After two months of teaching (and now almost 10
    > years), I understand his will too. I know you
    > don't believe me now, but you will someday soon.
    > Not all children (or adults) are brilliant. Not all
    > children (or adults) have special talents. Not all children
    > (or adults) aspire to something greater than thier present
    > state of existence.
    > This is unfortunate, but exceedingly true.
    > Sigh...