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Re: Glass Castles

    I could not put that book down! When it was over, I was so sad
    and felt like I really knew that family...was sorry it was over.
    Unfortunately, I saw her interviewed on tv and it spoiled what I
    had envisioned her to be like...not in a bad way, just not how I
    had imagined. The interview wasn't worth it. But the book was
    amazing and I've recommended it to everyone.

    On 11/11/07, Susan/SC wrote:
    > Well I just spent the day reading Glass Castles. It sucked me
    > right in and I couldn't put it down until I finished. Those
    > parents are some unforgettable characters. I have sympathy for
    > the mother - but not much for the dad - as much as she tried
    > to make him a swashbuckling but flawed hero - he was just a
    > jerk in my book.