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Re: My Sister's Keeper

    Hi! I usually post over on the upper elementary teacher
    chatboard but found this one today and am so excited! Ditto on
    The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I did overall enjoy it but found
    it to be very slow.On 12/16/07, 2 cents wrote:
    > On 11/19/07, Susan/SC wrote:
    >> I just cried my way through My Sister's Keeper by Jodi
    >> Piccolt. It was the first book of hers that I have read.
    >> I've seen others by her and am wondering what to get next.
    >> I'm also a little worried that maybe this was the best one
    >> and I have spoiled myself for all the others!
    > I've read a lot of her books, and I enjoyed Plain Truth,
    > Salem Falls, and 19 Minutes the best. The Tenth Circle was
    > her weakest, IMO.
    > I read Memory Keeper's Daughter and I'm beginning to feel
    > that I'm the only person who didn't enjoy it that much. The
    > story was good initially, but it felt like it dragged to
    > me. Anyone else?