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    Re: My Sister's Keeper
    Posted by Jessica on 9/22/08
    (19) Comments

    I thought maybe I was the only person who did not like My Sisters
    Keeper. I read it over the summer as other teachers I worked with RAVED
    about it. I had to stuggle to get through it. If i were the kind of
    person who could start a book and not finish it I probably would have,
    but I am not. I felt that the story dragged, and the chapters felt so
    fractured, not only jumping from character to character but year to
    year and back again. In my opinion it required too much logistical work
    to actually enjoy it.

    Because they were buy one get one 1/2 off I bought Nineteen Minutes too
    but can't muster the motivation to pick it up after my dissapointment
    in My Sisters Keeper.

    On 4/10/08, first wrote:
    > On 4/10/08, Sharon Stockdale wrote:
    >> I bought My Sister's a page or two and thought it to
    > be slow. I then read her
    >> book, The Pact and went WOW! I loved her writing. Nineteen Minutes
    > was her best so far,
    >> IMHO. I also read her latest Change of Heart and thought it well
    > done. Her topics are
    >> fascinating.
    >> I went back and read most of My Sister's Keeper. I thought it was
    > just about 150 pages too
    >> long. I skipped chunks of the middle but then read the ending.
    > Good, but way too many
    >> words and pages.
    >> I have some of her earlier books now and cannot read them. I
    > forget their names now.
    >> Joei Picoult is a fine writer. I will try her next one, too.
    > I recently read Nineteen Minutes also. As an educator, it really
    > gives you something to think about.


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