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Read Across America

    Sitting here at work on the last day of "Read Across
    America" week at my school. I just finished reading 8 books
    to my preKs and then presented them each with a book to
    take home. There are really some cute books out there. The
    kids are now on their mats in their pajamas having a read-in
    with there new books. All is quiet and peaceful. I try not
    to log on here from school ever, but was tempted today.
    Skyhook is finally over the flu but I cannot seem to get my
    blood pressure regulated. I have my automatic cuff at school
    with me today, charting it every two hours and the bottom
    number is now 97. Some of you know I was in the stroke ICU
    unit here two weeks ago. My kids are getting a kick out of
    watching the numbers on the blood pressure cuff go up and
    down. I just love a peaceful classroom. My kids are
    enjoying there books so much. One is "10 - Step Guide to
    Living with Your Monster" by Laura Numeroff and another cute
    one is "Giraffes Can't Dance" by Giles Andreae. They are so
    precious. TGIF to all.....Bo