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    Re: Oops I guess I meant Chapters 8 - 13, I'd meant to stop
    every three chapters...oops. chippy

    On 6/13/09, chippy wrote:
    > I hope it's ok to do this by chapters. If you can think of
    > a better way please jump in!!!
    > I finally found out that it was not Celia's husband that
    > Minny was hiding from but the meter man...what a hoot.
    > Then her husband does finally meet her and isn't mad after
    > all. What in the world can be Celia's problem. I've been
    > lonely and depressed in a new place before and know that
    > has to be part of it. And with Hilly there Celia will never
    > be "in". What will she do? What does she do in those rooms?
    > Such a mystery.
    > And I'm terribly afraid for Ms Skeeter and the maids. It
    > was such a turbulent time back then and they really were
    > putting their lives on the line doing the interviews.
    > Andddddddd now that Skeeter is dating the senator's son I
    > have to wonder if he'll get on board with her and help be
    > an agent for change.
    > At the end of Chapter 13 is where Hilly found Skeeter's
    > satchel and has read what she thinks of the maid's
    > bathrooms. I can only imagine the trouble she will cause
    > now. I feel sure their relationship is doomed forever now.
    > Your thoughts????