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    Re: Desperately asking for help
    English Teacher

    On 11/28/12, Eugene wrote:

    First I'll say that grading essays is fairly arbitrary. I once
    gave out a paper to all my colleagues and asked them to grade
    it. The very same paper got grades ranging from an A to a D...

    and that's a true story.

    There's an old saying that goes 'one man's treasure is another
    man's junk' and that applies to essays too. Some people think
    Hemingway is an amazing writer and I don't. I dislike
    Hemingway though I admire his sentence structure and his
    ability to hold us spellbound with his sentences but I HATE
    the way he treats women in his works. There is simple no
    agreement as to what is good writing and there are so many
    different ways to analyze a piece of literature and so many
    different ways in which to write.

    All that said, if you want to send your essay - preferably not
    as an attachment but right in the body of an e-mail, you could
    send it to this e-mail - - and I'd try to
    read it for you and give an opinion.

    I think that's an active e-mail address though it's an old one
    I don't use it often.
    > I'd really appreciate a help from English teacher. I have
    > an essay (10th grade, English classs, AP) and I'd like to
    > know how would you grade it. What is good and what is bad
    > about it.
    > I do not want tell the whole story why do I need it because
    > I do not want to influence your judjement in any way.
    > Also, I do not want to post it right here. If you can help
    > me, please, send me an email at and
    > I'll reply with essay attached (msword docx file).
    > Thanks in advance. Eugene-