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    Re: Common Core Standards

    On 5/25/11, Joy/NV/4th wrote:
    > I'm already panicking about next year! They are going to
    > change everything next year at my school: common core
    > standards, INFORM (some new data organizing program), some
    > curriculum engine training,and we are going to implement
    > inclusion as well. I also have been moved from 4th grade
    > to 2nd. How much change can one person take? A lot of the
    > training they want us to take is in the summer! We will
    > get paid for attending the training, but still....there
    > goes my summer. I need battery-charging time and I'm just
    > not getting it. And on top of this, they want us to take a
    > 7.8% pay cut!!! Enough is enough!!!! Anyone else dealing
    > with all this nonsense. I know, I know, I should be lucky
    > I have a job with all the layoffs, but how come I don't
    > feel lucky, just used and abused.

    You will love teaching 2nd. My favorite grade to teach! If you
    want free math resources for the Common Core check out I have used a lot of stuff from
    this site over the last few months but plan on dissecting it
    page by page over the summer.

    Common Core Resources