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    Re: Learning Days of Week in French
    James in Belgium


    For six years (twice a week for 25 mi.)I taught French on the
    elementary school level: students from age 6 to 11, Kindergarten to
    grade 5 in a rural USA setting. Too many students were low I.Q. and
    from culturally impoverished homes.

    I did not underestimate my students and I gave them the chance to
    learn as much as they could.

    My kindergarten students ages 6-7 learned the color words in French
    and the whole alphabet in French before they learned them in English.
    I teach to their potential.

    The military chant is fine and gives a change in routine. But where
    is the context? Where is the interpretive aspect of the chant? How
    can you extend the chant to the next interpersonal communicative task?

    In the song, you have the following content for development: chez
    moi, le matin, sont venus, family members, c'était, je reviendrai.

    Are we teaching isolated lists of meaningless words or are we
    teaching for interpersonal communication ?


    James in Belgium

    On 11/28/12, Ste McLean wrote:
    > That song is WAAAAY too difficult and complicated for a group of
    > year 7 students trying to learn the days of the week. They need a
    > song or a chant with JUST those words.
    > I find saying the days of the week to the "military chant" is a
    > good idea.
    > lundi mardi mercredi (lundi mardi mercredi)
    > jeudi vendredi samedi(jeudi vendredi samedi)
    > dimanche (dimanche)
    > dimanche (dimanche)
    > lundi mardi mercredi (lundi mardi mercredi)
    > jeudi vendredi samedi(jeudi vendredi samedi)
    > dimanche (dimanche)
    > DIMANCHE!!!
    > On 11/09/12, James in France wrote:
    >> Greetings:
    >> Relying on mnemonic devices for such everyday concrete words is
    >> not a good idea. By using the words in context that are needed
    >> for communication students will acquire the words.
    >> Perhaps we should test the students in three phrases?
    >> Phase one, spell each word in a dictation
    >> Phase two, chronological order
    >> Phase three, use the words to differentiate activities in the
    >> week or weekend.
    >> AN authentic song is more appropriate for teaching. Try out
    >> the one below.
    >> On 10/19/12, Mme Sans Merci wrote:
    >>> Has anyone come up with a good Mnemonic device to remember