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Re: NYC Gathering

    Check earlier posts and email Manatee (Susan) regarding
    plans. I will be attending the gathering but due to my
    daughters summer competition schedule and the fact that I
    teach summer school, I am unsure how much I will be able
    to attend.

    n 4/07/05, Bonnie TTTT and Amerloc wrote:
    > On 4/06/05, Bonnie TTTT and Amerloc wrote:
    >> Who will be at the NYC gathering? How can we get a
    post of
    >> the finalized plans? Thanks.
    > We planned our first visit ever to NYC hoping to hook up
    with some of the t-net
    > people. We have not heard from any of them except
    Dave. Isn't there going to
    > be a breakfast--bar-b-que or something??? Why did we
    do this? Getting very
    > frustrated here. Would someone enlighten us????
    Thanks. Bonnie and Amer