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Re: I need a list of all who (at this moment) are planning o

    Hey guys,Would you please email me with your real first name and
    state? I want to make name tags. The time is getting
    closer. I know Chasd and myself are anxious to meet some of
    you for the first time and to see 'old' friends again.
    Counting the days!!!!!!!!!


    > Karma
    > Chasd
    > KAM
    > Bassman
    > Bette
    > Pecos
    > Grits & Mr. Grits
    > Bonnie TTT
    > mrbdawg
    > 404
    > andwulf
    > Lorilynn
    > Jennifer/GA
    > molly4th
    > Meep
    > Sunshine/TX
    > cjode
    > Possibly TexPhysics
    > Thanks!!!!