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    Re: Gatlinburg Trip--Y'all have fun!!

    I am sorry that we didn't connect. We never saw any notes.
    Wondering if the text came through. We had a wonderful time and
    am so sad that we didn't get to meet you. Hopefully we will
    have another chance one day.

    The Gat Pack AKA Tnetter chatters

    On 6/17/09, Ima Teacher, who managed to miss it wrote:
    > I got a voicemail from Tizzy's DH right as we were unloading
    > the truck, and by the time we got unloaded and to the room
    > left in the mail, everybody was gone. I sent a text to that
    > number and stuck a post-it on the motel door saying I'd see
    > them today . . . but never managed to connect.
    > DH and I have put in a full couple of days, and we're heading
    > home in the morning after some shopping in Pigeon Forge.
    > Maybe I'll meet up next time!
    > On 6/15/09, Life wrote:
    >> Y'all have lots and lots of fun!!! I'm so sorry that I
    >> won't get to join the group! Life