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    Re: Chemistry
    P. Kiefer

    On 1/30/13, Toni wrote:
    > hi. i have a question . im in 12th grade. i was wondering
    > what state would sodium and chloride be in when liqufied, i
    > can not find any answer on it.

    They would both be in a liquid state. At room temperature,
    sodium is a solid and chlorine is a gas. Sodium would have to
    be heated to 97.5 degrees C to melt and chlorine would have to
    be cooled to -101.6 degrees C to liquify. If you are talking
    about sodium chloride (salt) it is a solid at room
    temperature and would have have to be heated to 801 degrees C
    to melt to a liquid.

    P. Kiefer