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Re: teacher retirement dinner songs
Jean McBride

    Hi, Do you have any songs, quotes or poems that I could use? I am a
    teacher retiring very soon. Thanks.
    On 5/26/04, Kagan Coop Learning wrote:
    > On 5/03/04, joe shmoe wrote:
    >> On 8/30/03, Yolanda Brown wrote:
    >>> On 5/08/03, Mary Flynn wrote:
    >>>> On 5/01/03, Alisa wrote:
    >>>>> 5/1/03
    >>>>> I am looking for a retirement song to sing at a retirement
    >>>>> dinner for our department chair. I would prefer something
    >>>>> spiritual/inspirational if at all possible.
    >>>> ***********************
    >>>> Personalized Poems and songs available here for retirements
    >> Your old and saggy its time to move on.....Your retired!