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    Re: It's time! Time for a book talk! Hellooooo?

    Oh dear, I just responded and now the whole thread has
    disappeared. I ordered just now. Wait for me, please!

    On 11/25/12, KimKca (who is checking in and signing up) wrote:
    > Hello old friends,
    > After listening to by Paul Tough
    > on a road trip a couple days ago, I was so excited and the
    > first thing I wanted to do was TALK TO SOMEBODY ABOUT IT!
    > We used to do that here and I am hoping that the "usual
    > suspects" and maybe some new faces/posters will come out of
    > the wood work and join in.
    > At some point today, I shall go buy a hard copy so that I
    > can write in it, take notes, and gather my 'talking points.'
    > Hoping I am not alone here...
    > :-)KimKca