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    Re: Cover Letter Help!
    Old teach

    Oops! Forgot one important thing- In the first sentence,
    substitute "any" for "the". That way, your letter can be kept on
    file for future positions.

    On 3/07/10, Old Teach wrote:
    > OK- First of all, I have been on many hiring committees and
    > read hundreds of applications, so I feel confident in
    > commenting on yours. The suggestions I have made here are not
    > criticisms, but only serve to make your letter better. When
    > writing a cover letter, remember, KISS- Keep It Simple,
    > Stupid!" In other words, this is a cover letter, not the
    > application itself or your resume.
    >> March 5, 2009
    >> To Whom It May Concern,
    >> I am very interested in applying for the elementary
    >> teaching position within the Matthews County School system.
    >> I have recently obtained a Vermont teaching license from
    >> Saint Michaelís College and am in the process of completing
    >> my M.ed. in elementary education with a reading
    >> concentration. I have also started the process to obtain my
    >> Virginia elementary teaching license by June 2010 so I can
    >> teach in my home state.
    > 1. Substitute "in" for "within". 2. You did not obtain a
    > teaching license from a college. You obtained it from the
    > State of Vermont. Say that, followed by something like, "I
    > received my BS in Elementary Education ( or whatever your
    > degree was) from St, Michael's College in _____, Vermont. I
    > am currently enrolled in an M.Ed program at that same
    > institution, with a concentration in Reading. 3. Instead of
    > that part about Virginia, which is a bit confusing, say, "I am
    > in the process of obtaining my teaching certification in the
    > State of Virginia, as it is my desire to return to my home
    > state. I expect to have that certification by June, 2010."
    >> I am a teacher because I am passionate about helping
    >> students become life long learners. This past fall I had the
    >> opportunity to illustrate this passion when I interned in a
    >> multiage 3rd/4th grade classroom at Allen Brook Elementary
    >> in Williston, VT. During this experience I was able to use
    >> my strong academic background in education, and creative
    >> talents to develop an integrated standards based social
    >> studies and literacy unit and other lessons that engaged
    >> students in hands on learning. I particularly chose to focus
    >> on using maniplatives, art and technology in any lesson I
    >> could to accommodate the multiple intelligences of all my
    >> students.
    > 1. Strike "I am" for "I became". 2. You don't "illustrate" a
    > passion. This whole sentence seems a bit , well, egotistical.
    > Instead, "I had the opportunity to intern in..." 3. Leave
    > out the word "academic".
    >> I am very interested in a position in your school district
    >> because I feel I can provide students with a learning
    >> experience that is meaningful to their lives. I believe I
    >> can create a learning environment that can achieve this by
    >> the enthusiasm I illustrate for being a teacher and the
    >> genuine interest I take in each individual student. In
    >> addition, by also using responsive classroom methods and
    >> making the commitment to seeking out any resource that will
    >> help me fulfill each studentís needs and my creative
    >> approach to innovative lessons that engage all learners.
    > 1. Again, "meaningful to their lives" is a bit over the top.
    > Instead, say, "meaningful learning experiences". 2. You want
    > to tell your prospective school system what you can offer them
    > but you also want them to feel that they are a potentially
    > good employer for you. In the beginning of the paragraph,
    > after "because", say something like, " I have heard many
    > positive things about your district and feel i would be a good
    > fit there."Then stick with the rest of your paragraph.
    >> Please refer to the completed application I have enclosed
    >> that includes my resume and references. I look forward to
    >> meeting with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how
    >> I can make a positive contribution as a teacher within the
    >> Matthews County School system. Thank you in advance for your
    >> time and consideration.
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Mary E. Simpson
    > Best of luck!