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    Re: My cooperating teacher leaves me alone in the room...a l

    On 4/02/10, bjkach wrote:
    > On 3/15/10, Sam wrote:
    >> My cooperating teacher leaves me alone with the kids for
    >> full periods. She says it's the only way I'll learn how to
    >> manage my own classroom. This is fine for the first two
    >> periods I teach, but the third is a disaster. The kids talk
    >> back horribly, and refuse to participate. If I demand quiet,
    >> they laugh and say that I'm not the real teacher. I feel
    >> like this is out of my hands...I've tried everything. I've
    >> assigned detentions (which they rarely show up for), I've
    >> spoken with problem kids after class, everything.
    >> My question is: Is my cooperating teacher right? As the
    >> student teacher, I could balance balls on my head and these
    >> kids wouldn't care. When I'm an actual teacher, I will have
    >> more resources (parents, administration) that I can enforce.
    >> But for now, I feel like my cooperating teacher should be in
    >> the classroom with me, but she refuses.
    > Isn't it against the law for a student teacher to be left
    > alone in a classroom? I am currently a graduate student in
    > New York trying to obtain my masters degree in secondary
    > English education, but my wife is alredy a music teacher and
    > she told me that doing so is illegal. Can anybody confirm
    > this?
    > When I student teach, I wouldn't want to be left alone in the
    > classroom. I understand that the training wheels have to come
    > off eventually, but I also think it's important for the
    > cooperative teacher to obersve what I'm doing and give
    > constructive feedback positvely or negatively so I can
    > improve my techniques. How is that supposed to happen if I'm
    > left alone?

    When I was a student teacher, I was never allowed to be left
    alone. I think it is against School regulations. I remember my
    Co-op teacher being absent and I had a sub that was younger then
    me and uncertified watch over me.

    Student teachers need to be watched for several reasons I think,
    1) it is not their classroon....the Co-op teacher needs to know
    what the student teacher says and does with their class. 2) If
    something happens in the class, like the student teacher making
    a big boo boo...the Co-Op teacher needs to know to help with
    the "clean up".

    The training wheels do come off when your Co-op teacher lets you
    run the lesson. Giving your constructive critisim and positive
    reinforcement is the best way to become a successful teacher.
    Leaving a student teacher alone can have a recipe for disaster.