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    Re: International Schools in Poland

    AS Warsaw is really the only school and salary is $38K- $45K.
    Good bennifits. It's a typical large eastern European city.
    Kinda on the cold side. I've only visited the city nice many
    years ago.

    /16/12, D. Thomas wrote:
    > The best one is the American School of Warsaw. Pay is around
    > 45K, no taxes taken out, plus a decent housing allowance and
    > 10% gratuity every year. No idea about living in Poland. I've
    > heard some general good things, but nothing I could quote.
    > On 1/14/12, Wanderlust wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> Does anyone have any information on teaching in Poland?
    >> Lifestyle, salary, good schools, etc?
    >> Thank you!