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    Re: smartboard

    On 10/31/11, Michelle/gil wrote:
    > I have a chance to get a smartboard in my classroom, but I
    > need to write a proposal trelling how I will use the
    > smartboard, how it will enhance my students education, how
    > it will be used as an educational tool, etc. Anybody have
    > any wise advice I can include in my proposal?

    It will totally change the way you teach. You can literally
    bring up anything on the big screen.

    - It comes with interactive software (called notebook) that
    will allow students to draw and manipulate objects and play
    learning games.

    - If you get a document camera with it, it will replace your
    overhead projector. (example: You can put a student workbook
    under the document camera and it will enlarge it on the big

    - You can use it to play educational flash games with the
    whole class. (example: The games at

    - Even PDF worksheets from the internet can be enlarged to
    full-screen so you can do them together in a large group.
    (example: printables from can be
    enlarged for whole-class activities)

    So many ways you'll use it and love it. Good luck with your

    Super Teacher Worksheets