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Re: Adding a graphic to the Title of a page using Dreamweave

    On 7/09/05, Sam wrote:
    By the way, I'm also a violin teacher with 20 students, and hope to do a webpage
    for this endeavor at some point too ;-)
    Sam> Hi, I designed the webpage for my business (link above) and
    > I'm trying to figure out how to make the Title (as it
    > appears at the top of someone's browser) have a little
    > graphic to it's left rather than the plain blue blob that
    > is usually there. I've seen many links that have
    > individualized graphics in the actual Title (again, this
    > isn't my home page, but the little bar at top of server;
    > for instance, you all here have a little apple next to your
    > http:// )
    > Thanks very much for any help with this!