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Re: My index page is homely

    I don't think your homepage is homely! I like your dragonfly
    background. I'd change the yellow around buttons, but that's
    just me. I found that my website evolved over the last 4
    years as I added more to it and saw other websites that I
    liked. Keep tweaking until you like it!I do a website for the science teachers at my school using
    Frontpage. Click on the link below or
    and Mrs. Lovdahl for my pages.

    I gradually moved toward tables because I wanted a 3 to 4
    column page. The left side is a shared border with a table
    inserted that I manually insert links into. I didn't like the
    navigation choices offered by Frontpage so I insert my links

    This summer, I resized all my text (or lots of it) to 10 point
    for most buttons and text and I use Verdana font. I read
    somewhere that Verdana is easier to read online/onscreen. I
    switched to 10 pt because most professional websites looked
    smaller to me and fit on the screen better. I noticed that my
    page looked very spread out and sparce when I used a larger font.

    My Site